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  • When writing an app that will use GUIDs as the ID for certain items, or just for any reason that your app will be creating a bunch of GUIDs, am I the only one that has this nagging guilt thinking that some day I’ll see an article on MSDN titled “We’re running out of GUIDs” and I’ll just sit there thinking “damn, that’s partly my fault.”?

    I look at an app like CMS or SharePoint that uses GUIDs all over the place and think “ok, my little tiny process can’t really be making a difference,” and I know there are an incredible number of possibilities that make us think GUIDs are unlimited, but it just nags at me.  Kinda like in 1999 some developer thinking “damn, 20 years ago when I used 2 digits for the year in that one app, it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

  • I hate those mental block times when you can’t think of a good name for a project in Visual Studio or for a class but I’ve got to get something out quick before the process that I need to get out of my head is forgotten.

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