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    <p>The last two weeks I&#8217;ve been reviewing a <a title="" href="" target="_blank">SharePoint</a> add-on product&nbsp;called <a href="">Compliance Server</a> by <a href="">80&#8211;20</a>. Yesterday I got an email indicating that the public beta would begin next Monday (9/12) so we can blog it&#8230; and I planned to write&nbsp;nice review of it&#8230; but it looks like <a href="">Bil</a> (and <a href="">Mark</a>) yet again is on top of things be beat me to it.&nbsp; no sense in restating the obvious, which Bil did.</p>
    <p>Compliance Server is a nice add-on to SharePoint by providing addition features that the OOTB document libraries in SharePoint don&#8217;t provide, such as managing content retention via business rules.&nbsp; There&#8217;s even an SDK that you can use to tie your own application in.</p>
    <p>&#187; <a href="">Compliance Server Public Beta</a></p>
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