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Those of us who use Hyper-V for development know of the challenge we face when we try to copy files or talk to the guest virtual machine or have the guest VM access the host machine. It's frustrating because it was so easy to do in VirtualPC or VMWare Workstation as we had the easy copy files to and from the desktop just like we can do with Remote Desktop.

There is a way around this though... it's a simple networking trick. Now, I'm a bit of a networking-idiot and had to get Todd Baginski and Maurice Prather to help me with this (so big shout out to them), but it's actually quite simple and I after explaining it to to quite a few people, I'm documenting it so I have a URL to point to where others can do it on their own. Hopefully this helps you.

» Allowing a host machine to talk to guest VM's in Hyper-V (and vice versa)

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