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    <p>Ever have that itch to create a product and market it?&nbsp; I've always dreamed about going into product development.&nbsp; There&#8217;s a guy locally I used to work with who I&#8217;ve discussed this at length with.&nbsp; We&#8217;ve brainstormed, done a lot of talking and thinking about it... just never acted on it because we haven't found that &#8220;killer app&#8220;.&nbsp; I&#8217;m not hip to the life of consulting forever&#8230; sure it&#8217;s got it&#8217;s perks&#8230; you get exposure to a vast array of business challenges, solutions and products.&nbsp; </p>
    <p>Still, it&#8217;s appealing in this afternoon mental tangent.&nbsp;&nbsp;I like how Phil positions his approach (in his first post, excerpt below), which is similar if not identical to what <a href="">Joel Ross</a>&nbsp;did with <a href="">Tourney Logic</a>&nbsp;(although I think Joel's was more of a hobby).&nbsp; Anyway&#8230;</p>
    <p>A few other posts along these lines that I've come across in recent weeks&#8230; (all of these blogs are also great reads)</p>
    <p>&#187; <a href="">Heather&#8217;s synopsis of the <strong>Taking Your Product to Market</strong> TechEd 2005 Session</a>&#187; <a href=""><strong>The Game is Afoot</strong> by Eric Sink</a>&#187; <a href=""><strong>Phil Wright&#8217;s blog</strong></a> about his microISV process: <a href="">Component Factory</a></p>
    <p>Phil Wright&#8217;s blog is fantasic&#8230; it&#8217;s a great read&#8230; his tag line flat out rocks: &#8220;<em>Join me as I take a journey from concept to real world business. Is it possible to create a viable microISV on a shoe string budget and working only in your spare time? Let's try...&#8221;</em>&nbsp; His story has me hooked, a must subscribe&#8230;&nbsp;just like <a href="">Joel&#8217;s blog</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;He had me at hello&#8230; err&#8230; his first post:</p>
    <blockquote><a href=""><strong>microISV, The impossible dream</strong></a>
    <p>I want to live the impossible dream.For the first few years of being a programmer I never even thought about the possibility of being my own boss, of actually owning and running my own company. That was the sort of thing a few lucky others might do but never me. I only thought of myself as a code monkey, grinding away at the keyboard and enjoying the technical challenges involved.But then things started to change&#8230;
    <p><a href="">read on&#8230; </a></p></blockquote>
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