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    <p>For a while, one of the points the VS.NET team was touting in their demos and selling points was that ~finally~ we were going to get the latest and greatest UI controls that were used in the flagship products, namely Office. When VS 2003 shipped, we didn&#8217;t get the same controls that were included in Office 2003. Some third parties were able to provide the same look & feel as well as the same functionality such as <a href="">Infragistics</a>, <a href="">DevExpress</a>, and <a href="">ComponentOne</a> to name a few.</p>
    <p>However, as leaked prior to, and unveiled at the PDC in Los Angelas earlier this month, we have all seen that the new version of <a href="">Office 12 will have a MAJOR revamp of the user interface</a>. We no longer have a ton of toolbars and menus and instead we now have tabs, galleries, and the ribbon!</p>
    <p>Oh well&#8230; wonder how long it will take to see the third parties generate their own version of the ribbon.</p>
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