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    <p>[via <a href="">Arpan Shah</a>]</p>
    <blockquote>- Security/Auth "stuff" from supporting the ASP.NET 2.0&nbsp;authentication provider model and security trimming to single item security. :-)- Built on top of Whidbey - support for&nbsp;ASP.NET 2.0&nbsp;web parts, nav/auth provider models, master pages :-), and more- <a title="" href="" target="_blank">SPS</a>/CMS integrated architecture from end-user to development and deployment- RSS, Wikki and Blogging support.. the RSS support is especially great w/ the new version of Outlook... or any RSS reader really- Content types - very cool and super useful.. define a content type that includes metadata and actions- Recycle bin - IT orgs will love that- Lists - things like eventing support, scalability- Search investments - relevancy and User Experience are fantastic- ECM investments - from content creation, sharing, searching, publishing to retaining-&nbsp;Workflow based on Windows Workflow Foundation</blockquote>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">10 great things about the next version of SharePoint Products and Technologies and CMS</a></p>
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