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    <p>I&rsquo;ve been remiss in mentioning the updates <a href="">Chester</a> has made to his <a href="">MCMS Manager (now released at v3)</a>.&nbsp; My biggest gripe was that the utility loaded everything in the CMS repository on load (earlier version)&hellip; something that made this utility useless for managers of larger sites (thousands or tens of thousands of channels/postings).&nbsp; It appears that Chester has addressed this.</p>
    <p>Looks like a nice utility!&nbsp; Now&hellip; a web version?&nbsp; Haven&rsquo;t looked at the code, but a web version would be nice!&nbsp; </p>
    <p>I really like the Resource Gallery part of this utility&hellip; when you hover over an image, the actual image is shown!&nbsp; Very slick.&nbsp; </p>
    <p>It&rsquo;s also very easy to obtain the Posting &amp; Channel GUID in this utility.</p>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">MCMS Manager 3.0</a></p>
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