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Has anyone implemented a foolproof, or at least near-foolproof, way to deal with comment/pingback/trackback spam in .Text 0.95?  I’m getting crushed by this on both my site and my son’s site.  We’ve only posted 29 entries to my son’s blog since late January and there are thousands of comments/pingbacks/trackbacks.  I can’t express how bad it is under my site (last night I deleted over 2000 entries that had the words “poker”, “texas”, “holdem”, “casino”, “keno”, or “viagra” in them).  One problem is I don’t understand the whole concept of pingbacks and trackbacks so I’m having trouble cleaning up my blog_url and blog_referral tables.

The guys at SubText are promising to include a buch of moderation stuff, but I need it now.  I can’t wait… my inbox is getting flooded!  Heck, is SubText good enough to use in production?  I see they have an October 1 v1 release date on their roadmap… I think Phil is already using it… wonder how well it works (I can’t wait another 2 months)!!!

  • Has anyone implemented an effective comment moderation for both the web UI AND the CommentAPI for .Text?
  • Where can I go to find more information about pingbacks/trackbacks?
  • How can I shut off comments all together (for my son’s blog as an immediate fix).
  • Has anyone documented a nice “HOWTO” on cleaning up your site?

I don’t want to, but I’m willing to roll my own solution into my blogs.  I think a handful of options are required including moderation of comments (granting SOME users the ability to have ALL their comments posted immediately), blacklisting (using MT_Blacklist)… etc.  Then again, I could focus my development on pushing SubText into production by contributing more!

Please… HELP ME!  And feel free to put your suggestions in the comments of this post… not like I can control it obviously!

July 20, 2004
4:37 AM

Found plenty of info on trackbacks & pingbacks.

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