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Last week I posted a little testimonial about DevExpress’ DXCore addin for Visual Studio.  In the post I mentioned that I was working with Mark Miller on a little toolwindow plugin built using the DXCore.

Today Jon Skeet posted an article that shows exactly what I was working on (although this is in Eclipse and not in Visual Studio).  His article compares Eclipse & Visual Studio (BTW: a great read).  Towards the end, you’ll notice a section titled Combined file and class browser with this screenshot:

This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish… have a combo Solution & Class view toolbar.  However I’ve got some additional ideas for mine.  The biggest challenge (outside to having time to work on it) is the refresh rate.  It would have to be almost completely redrawn everytime you add a field/property/method/class/region… etc.  Maybe I’ll have it refresh every X sections, maybe on demand, maybe when switching between classes?

[Update 12/23/2005]: Wow, already got dinged for this.  OK, I'm not realy working with Mark Miller on this, I should clarify what I said.  What I meant was that when I was at TechEd in Orlando, I chatted with him about this project and he took the time to work through some of it on the expo floor.

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