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    <p>[via <a href="">Bil Simser</a>]</p>
    <p>I finally had a second to read Bil&rsquo;s post from Wednesday at the PDC.&nbsp; Bil went into some detail on the nit-bitty details on the architecture and development with respect to <a title="" href="" target="_blank">SharePoint</a>.&nbsp; For the full list, go read his post.&nbsp; A few things are worthy of special mention though:</p>
    <li><strong>XSD: </strong>all config files (ONET.XML, SCHEMA.XML, etc) ave a fully qualified XSD.&nbsp; What does that mean?&nbsp; That means you can copy these files to the appropriate&nbsp;Visual Studio&nbsp;.NET directory so you get full intellisense and validation when you edit the config files within VS <a title="" href="" target="_blank">.NET</a>.&nbsp; NICE!!!&nbsp; The next thing: you know someone will build a WinForm app that will give a GUI to the config files.&nbsp; Just open the ONET.XML file in the SharePoint Configuration Assistant (that&rsquo;s a hypothetical name, just an idea&hellip; no, <a title="" href="" target="_blank">MSFT</a> is not shipping something like this) and it will allow you to say &ldquo;add a new list to the site definition X&rdquo;.&nbsp; <a href="">Angus dropped a bit on this too</a>.This is one of those AC apps that I&rsquo;d love to build out.&nbsp; But as usual, someone will run with my idea :P</li>
    <li><strong>No more ISAPI filter</strong>: all requests are handled by the ASP.NET engine and if necessary, proxies SharePoint if necessary&hellip; very cool!</li>
    <li><strong>ASP.NET 2.0:</strong> because no ISAPI filter is invovled now, you get to leverage the entire (or most) of the ASP.NET 2.0 model in SharePoint&hellip; including MASTER PAGES!!!!! (Sounds like a work-around ot the ghosting/unghosting issue).</li>
    <li><strong>ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts</strong>: so a pure ASP.NET 2.0 Web Part won&rsquo;t instantly work in SharePoint&hellip; you need to build it with the SharePoint implementation&hellip; not sure what the &ldquo;SharePoint implementation&rdquo; is, but it will be nice that it is very similar.</li>
    <li><strong>More browser based customiation </strong>for things ilke sign in/out, toolbars, welcome panel.</li>
    <li><strong>Rights trimming: </strong>if you don&rsquo;t have rights to do something, you don&rsquo;t see it.&nbsp; THANK GOD!!!</li>
    <li><strong>SPGridView, SPBoundColumn, SPDataQuery, IDataSource: </strong>I&rsquo;m pushing to to Bil&rsquo;s post on these&hellip; must reads for the hard core gearhead!&nbsp; All I&rsquo;ll say is &ldquo;SWEET!&rdquo;</li></ul>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">Fear &amp; Loathing &ndash; PDC Day 02 (Here comes the fire hose)</a></p>
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