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    <p>It's about time... finally, the CHM downloads for the WSS v3 &amp; MOSS 2007 RTM SDK's are available! Get 'em while they're hot!</p>
    <p>&raquo; <a href=";displaylang=en">Windows SharePoint Services v3 SDK (CHM)</a>
    &raquo; <a href=";displaylang=en">Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK (CHM)</a></p>
    <p>A few things to point out:</p>
    <li>The <strong>Windows SharePoint Services v3 SDK</strong> includes the documentation and a workflow starker kit that contains Visual Studio workflow project templates and a sample workflow. </li>
    <li>The <strong>Office SharePoint Services 2007 SDK</strong> includes separate CHMs for <strong>MOSS</strong>, <strong>Forms Server </strong>and <strong>WSS</strong>. It also includes the <strong>ECM Starter Kit</strong> which includes code samples for creating document converters &amp; stuff for records management. It also includes white papers, the same workflow project templates for Visual Studio that the WSS SDK includes, and a bunch of sample workflows. </li>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">SharePoint Content &amp; Resources Blog: 10 Essential Resources for SharePoint Developers</a></p>
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