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    <p>Been watching it? Rudy and McCain were very good on night one. Arnold was great on night two. But on night three, Zell Miller launched a pointed and stinging attack on Kerry and his democratic party cronies (Cheney's speech was very good too). I strongly recommend watching Zell, but here's a list of a the other speakers:</p>
    <p>&#187; <a href=",2933,130680,00.html" target="_blank">Major Convention Speakers</a> </p>
    <p><b><font color="#ff0000">UPDATE 9/2 9:30am</font></b>&#187; <a href="" taget="_blank">Zell's interview with Chris Matthews</a> after his speech... give it to 'em Zell! <u>This is a MUST watch</u>.</p>
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