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    <p>Joel openly ponders&hellip;</p>
    <blockquote>I know it's coming, but the question is when. And what, for that matter. When I talked to the GDN team at Tech Ed, they alluded to new features, but no real details. But, it sounds like <a href=""><font color="#ee7900">MVPs at the MVP summit got a sneak peak.</font></a>
    <p>Now, what does a normal guy have to do to get a look at this?</p></blockquote>
    <p>Hmm&hellip; I dunno what you&rsquo;re talking about, MVPs seeing the next version/revision (*wink*)&hellip; but I do know that <a href="">CodeSlam</a> was very slick *wink* *wink*.</p>
    <p>&raquo; <a href=";more=1&amp;c=1&amp;tb=1&amp;pb=1">GotDotNet vNext?</a></p>
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