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    <p>The pictures, stories, and news is truly incredible and sad.&nbsp; It&#8217;s amazing a city of a half-million people can be called un-inhabitable and all citizens are told to leave the city.&nbsp; </p>
    <p>I have a friend who&#8217;s parents &amp; brother&#8217;s family live in New Orleans.&nbsp; Her parents were on vacation when it hit and couldn&#8217;t get back to their house.&nbsp; Her brother&#8217;s family left before the storm hit thankfully.&nbsp; Now, their house, along with her brother&#8217;s, is likely a complete loss based on where they are and the news reports.&nbsp; Her parents only have a vacations-worth of clothes, one car, and their golf clubs&#8230; everything else is lost.&nbsp; Same with her brother.&nbsp; Her brother is moving to Jacksonville for the time being so his 2nd grade son can enroll in school here since the schools in New Orleans won&#8217;t be open for a minimum of 3 months.</p>
    <p>Gas prices have already started to spike (if you&#8217;re unaware, 20&#8211;40% of the USA&#8217;s energy comes from the gulf). On my way home there were lines at gas stations (yup, I filled up too).&nbsp; They put out&nbsp;requests in northeast&nbsp;Florida for people&nbsp;to please conserve energy as their supplies are going to take a hit.&nbsp; For the rest of the week Meredith and I plan to carpool downtown where we work&#8230; about a 50 minute commute.</p>
    <p>Meredith and I, being new parents, thought about those with babies.&nbsp; Imagine, no supplies.&nbsp; No formula, no diapers&#8230; it&#8217;s unimaginable.&nbsp; Today she&#8217;s going to get a few cases of diapers to donate and put on&nbsp;a truck bound for New Orleans.&nbsp; If you&#8217;re in Jacksonville, you can drop stuff off at a tractor trailer between the arena &amp; football stadium that&#8217;s being run by <a href="">First Coast News Chanell 12</a>.&nbsp; <strike>Presentation Resourcem</strike> <a href="">PRI Productions</a>, a company that puts on events and shows, is filling two of their semi&#8217;s to take things to the Big Easy (<strike>not sure where, contact them</strike> they are accepting donations at their office in San Marco from 7a-7p... call 904.398.8179 for directions if needed).&nbsp; The Jacksonville Fire Dept requested people donate stuff to put in a small box truck (like the rentals)&#8230; instead they are taking 6 semi&#8217;s donated by the city that from the overwhelming donations.</p>
    <p>If you don&#8217;t live in Jacksonville, or the USA for that matter, and you find that you&#8217;d like to help, you can donate to the <a href="">Red Cross</a> or pick a charity from the <a href="">FEMA website</a> from the list of legit organizations.</p>
    <p>[<font color="#ff0000"><strong>Updated 9/2 6:20a</strong></font>] Added PRI Productions drop off info.</p>
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