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    <p>File this one under the &ldquo;interesting&hellip; this will come in handy again some day&rdquo; like my other <a href="">VS debugging issue</a>.&nbsp; Others may know this, but I didn&rsquo;t&hellip; and it&rsquo;s likely someone else didn&rsquo;t as well.&nbsp; This is for you (well, and documentation for me).</p>
    <p>All the sudden I started having an issue with my build server when I tried to obtain a new or updated VS.NET 2003 solution from VSS that had a new web project or&nbsp;web service or when I tried to create a new web application.&nbsp; Basically, VS.NET would try to bind the web project under (what seemed to be) any virtual server except the Default Web Site (quite frustrating).&nbsp; No matter what I tried, I couldn&rsquo;t get it to work!</p>
    <p>Ends up, VS.NET&nbsp;iterates through the IIS metabase via WMI for the <em>last instance of a virtual server on port 80 regardless of any host headers</em>.&nbsp; So, if you created other virtual servers on that same physical server, it won&rsquo;t be looking for the Default Web Site, or other sites you created if they aren&rsquo;t the most recently created.</p>
    <p>This is an issue when you are doing <a title="Microsoft Content Management Server" href="" target="_blank">MCMS</a> development and you&rsquo;ve marked a specific virtual server as a MCMS Web Entry Point.&nbsp; So how to fix it?&nbsp; WORKAROUND: Create another virtual server and move your MCMS site to it, mark it as a MCMS Web Entry Point, and then get the web projects from VSS/create the projects.&nbsp; Then you can delete the old MCMS Web Entry Point under the Default Web Site.</p>
    <p>Also confirmed that there is nothing special about the Default Web Site.&nbsp; In other words,&nbsp; I can blow it away and recreate it with the name &ldquo;Default Web Site&rdquo; and the only REAL difference may be the auto-generated log file path.</p>
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