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    <p>First, sorry for the delay.&nbsp; This has been quite a busy week, with a <a title="" href="">JAXDUG</a> speaking engagement where I talked about <a title=".Text" href="">.Text</a> and blogging in general, <a href="">working hard on the home stretch of the book</a>, and preparing for my <a href="">Tampa Code Camp MCMS session</a>&#8230; not to mention a lot going on at work.&nbsp; While mowing down my lunch, I wanted to take a second to recap my part of the <a title="" href="">JAXDUG</a> talk this past Tuesday night.</p>
    <p>My talk was intended to be primarily about <a title=".Text" href="">.Text</a> customizations, however there was little code shown.&nbsp; If you were looking for more, I appologize, but let me explain why.&nbsp; At the start of the meeting I asked how many knew what blogging was, how many were reading/subscribing to feeds, and how many were actively blogging.&nbsp; Frankly I was shocked by the low numbers!&nbsp; Most of the session covered the discussion of blogging as driven by a few questions/comments from the gallery.</p>
    <p>One thing I promised I&#8217;d put together was a &#8220;how to install <a title=".Text" href="">.Text</a>&#8221; for customizations (get the code building in VS.NET).&nbsp; That will come next week after the Code Camp&#8230; once things settle down a bit.&nbsp; Again, sorry for the delay.&nbsp; I&#8217;ll update this post when it&#8217;s available.</p>
    <p><a href="">You can get my presentation here</a>&#8230; keep in mind it&#8217;s only the small slide deck&#8230; more code was suppose to be shown so there isn&#8217;t much here other than links for those getting into blogging.</p>
    <p>There were a handful of other topics thrown out there which I wanted to provide some links on for those who&nbsp;were there:</p>
    <li><a href="">IEBlog</a>
    <li><a href="">Longhorn Team RSS Blog</a>&nbsp;(also check out the latest issue [July 11, 2005] of eWeek for an article titled &#8220;<strong><a title="Microsoft" href="" target="_blank">Microsoft</a> embraces RSS</strong>&#8221;)
    <li><a href=""></a> &#8211; social bookmarking (<a href="">see my previous comments</a>)
    <li><a href="">InfoPath Community Server 1.x blog client</a> (<a href="">author&#8217;s blog</a>)
    <li><a href="">Electronic Frontier Foundation: Legal Advice for Bloggers</a> (<font color="#ff0000"><strong>Updated 7/14 7:46p</strong></font> ... thanks JimG)</li></li></li></li></li></ul>
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