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    <p>[via <a href="">Mart Muller</a>]</p>
    <p>I didn&rsquo;t know this either!!!</p>
    <p>Did you know you could add Web Parts to a <a title="" href="" target="_blank">SharePoint</a> list page even though there&rsquo;s no &ldquo;Modify this page&rdquo; link?&nbsp; Once you&rsquo;re on the SharePoint Web Part list page, add the following name-value pair to the querysting &ldquo;ToolPaneView=2&rdquo; and you&rsquo;ll get the Add Web Parts toolpane!</p>
    <p>&lt;disclaimer&gt;<a href="">Mart</a> links to <a href="">Renaud</a>, stating this is NOT supported by <a title="Microsoft" href="" target="_blank">Microsoft</a> (<a href="">more info</a>).&lt;/disclaimer&gt;</p>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="">[SharePoint Tip] Manage web parts within a listpage</a></p>
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