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    <p>It&#8217;s now been about a week since I&#8217;ve had my box up and running and have overcome <a href="">most of my earlier issues</a>&#8230; still have a few things that I am working through before&nbsp;I move it into the living room.</p>
    <p>The biggest thing that was bugging me last week was the fact that everything worked great except watching/recording live tv.&nbsp; I had a unknown PCI device in the device manager (turned out to be the onboard audio) which I thought was the issue, but two other actions actually fixed it.&nbsp; After hitting a deadend in the <a href="">newsgroup</a>, I submitted a support ticket to Intel (the manufacturer of my motherboard).&nbsp; In one of the&nbsp;articles sent back to me by the auto support ticket parser, it outlined how my motherboard, which has 4 memory slots arranged in 2 pairs of channels, performs much better when you separate multiple modules into different channels.&nbsp; I initially had put my two 512MB modules in the two slots of one channel&#8230; so I changed it to put one module in one of the slots of each channel.&nbsp; After updating the BIOS, poof, live TV worked great!&nbsp; Yesterday the choppy video came back, but I found that my dedicated recording drive was heavily fragmented (I copied over probably 10 movies and long shows from my <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> over the course of the week).&nbsp; The defragmentor is still running after&nbsp;18 hours and I&#8217;m hoping that resolves it.&nbsp; If so, I wonder how often I need to defrag the recording drive.&nbsp; This is a little concerning as watching live video is almost intolerable while defragging the drive.</p>
    <p>I also found a slick, and cheap, utility that can control my VFD on the front of the case.&nbsp; <a href="">FrontView</a> is very customizable and works like a champ!</p>
    <p>The last big thing I really want to do before I move it into the living room is get a ghost image of the OS drive.</p>
    <p>I planned to take a bunch of pictures for this post today, but I don&#8217;t want to interrupt the defrag process.&nbsp; I&#8217;ll see if I can&#8217;t get that done later in the day.</p>
    <p>From a <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> user&#8217;s perspective, I love Media Center hands down over <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a>.&nbsp; The interface is very fast &amp; responsive and the end user&#8217;s experience is much richer than <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a>.&nbsp; If I want to record a movie, I can select it in the guide, quickly hit the record button, and I don&#8217;t have to click through a ton of other dialogs.&nbsp; The guide also indicates what shows are scheduled to be recorded.&nbsp; When you select&nbsp;a movie, you can find all shows/movies that&nbsp;a specific member of the cast will be in later.&nbsp;Listening to music is great as well.&nbsp; Select My Music, then sort by artist.&nbsp; If you&#8217;re like me and have a ton of ripped MP3&#8217;s, scrolling through the artist list can be a pain (like <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a>).&nbsp; But what MWCE has is the ability to type in a few letters using the numeric keypad (just like you would if you were doing SMS on your mobile phone) and it jumps to that artist matching your query.</p>
    <p>All in all, I love WMCE and can&#8217;t wait to move it into the living room, replacing one of my <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a>&#8217;s.&nbsp; I plant to keep one <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> since I have a lifetime sub on it, but the other is a month-to-month.&nbsp; I was planning to sell the box on ebay, but with the deals they are offering on <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> boxes now, I doubt I&#8217;ll get much money for it.&nbsp; Maybe I&#8217;ll just gank out the&nbsp;HDD and slap it in a USB2.0 enclosure.&nbsp; Ideas?&nbsp; Anyone need a <a title="TiVo" href="">TiVo</a> Series 2 box that&#8217;s about 1 year old?&nbsp; Make me an offer!</p>
    <p>[<font color="#ff0000"><strong>Update 9/13</strong></font>]: well the defrag didn't fix my video issue.. neither did upgrading to the latest NVIDIA DVD decoder (trial) or WinDVD.&nbsp; I checked the CPU when it was recording and it's not peaking over 19%... and the disk is running fine too... if you have ideas of things for me to try or look into, please let me know!</p>
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