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    <p>It&#8217;s official!&nbsp; Our book, to be published by <a href="">Packt Publishing</a> (who&#8217;s been a&nbsp;pleasure and very easy to work with), was announced last week&#8230; just in time for TechEd EMEA 2005.&nbsp; This book has some killer content in it&#8230; a ton of original material you haven&#8217;t seen before in other mediums.&nbsp; Look for it next month!</p>
    <p><a title="Stefan Gossner" href="" target="_blank">Stefan Go&#223;ner</a>'s announcement:</p>
    <blockquote><strong>Advanced <a title="Microsoft" href="" target="_blank">Microsoft</a> Content Management Server Development</strong> <a title="" href=""><font color="#003399">Lim Mei Ying</font></a>, <a title="" href=""><font color="#003399">Stefan Go&#223;ner</font></a>, <a title="" href=""><font color="#003399">Andrew Connell</font></a>, <a title="" href=""><font color="#003399">Angus Logan</font></a> <img alt="Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server Development Book Image" src="" align="left" border="0"> <font size="3">This book has the most in depth-coverage of important <a title="Microsoft Content Management Server" href="" target="_blank">MCMS</a> development topics found anywhere. Each author of the book is a renowned expert in the area
    <li>Learn directly from recognized community experts
    <li>Extensive coverage of the Publishing API (PAPI)
    <li>Get <a title="" href="" target="_blank">SharePoint</a> and MCMS working together
    <li>InfoPath, RSS and hot topics covered </li></li></li></li></ul>
    <li><a title="" href=""><font color="#003399">Read more on the publishers website</font></a></li></ul>
    <div style="LINE-HEIGHT: 0.3em"><font color="#003399"></font>&nbsp;</div><span class="subheader"><strong><font color="#cd6601">Expected August 2005. Pre-order now!</font></strong></span> </font></blockquote>
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