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    <p>[via <a href="">FitzBlog</a>]</p>
    <p>I just noticed Fitz&#8217;s Wednesday post (can you tell I have a backlog of PDC stuff?) mentioned <strong>Content Types</strong>&#8230; finally it&#8217;s public!&nbsp; I can&#8217;t express in a blog post how pumped I am about this new feature&#8230; but a recent picture of my son sure implies what I think:</p>
    <p><img alt="" src="/blogcontent/DaddysShirt.jpg" border="0"></p>
    <p>This new &#8220;feature&#8221; freaking rocks. You can now define a content type, like&nbsp;a press release, which has specific workflow (defineable), metadata (defineable), and async/sync events.&nbsp; You can have as many of these content types per document library.</p>
    <p>Yes, that&#8217;s actually a picture of my son Tuesday afternoon&#8230; he&#8217;s as pumped about PDC as I am&nbsp;(imagine what I&#8217;d be like if I was there!).</p>
    <p>&#187; <a href="">The Kimono is Open, The Veil is Liften, The Gags Are Removed...</a></p>
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