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    <p>It had to be one of the more frustrating computer related things I've dealt
    with. At first I thought there was something wrong with my media or drive as I
    was trying to install Windows Media Center from a DVD and the drive wasn't
    booting like it was on my other machines. That's still an issue, but even if I
    got past it (which I didn't, I ignored it), I would have run into a more
    important one as you'll see...</p>
    <p>My new Media Center box only has SATA hard drives in it and no floppy. That
    poses a problem for a WindowsXP based install because it does not contain
    drivers needed to talk to the SATA drives. So are you SOL?&nbsp; At the first
    part of the install, a message is presented at the bottom of the screen telling
    you to press F6 if you need to install SCSI or RAID drivers. Usually you'd hit
    F6 to tell the installer that you need to give it additional drivers before it
    proceeds. The problem is that when you hit F6, the installer looks only at
    floppy drives, it won't look to CD drives. That means that if you're in my boat,
    with no floppy, well your boat is up the creek as far as this method is
    <p>So how do you get around it? You do something called slipstreaming your
    installation disk.&nbsp; Essentially all you are doing is creating a new
    bootable install disk that contains all the installation files, plus some files
    you've added. This method is fantastic for creating an install that
    installs/removes specific features of the OS (such as removing IIS from an XP
    Pro install), adding hotfixes and patches, or adding the latest service pack. In
    my case, I needed to add additional drivers so the installer would see my SATA
    drives, <a href="">as
    Jeff Key recently experienced as well</a> (his post helped point me in the right
    direction to what I needed to do to resolve the issue). This process wasn't
    nearly as easy as the links on Jeff's post implied... at least as easy as I
    expected it to be.</p>
    <p>After jumping through some links from Jeff's post, I found something called
    <a href="">
    BTS DriverPacks</a>, which is a pack of drivers for all sorts of things you'd
    need in the installation of special hardware, such as SATA drives.</p>
    <p>The steps are actually really simple... and outlined in the articles <i>
    <a href="">Slipstreaming Windows
    2000/XP [SP1,SP1a,SP2]/Server 2003 SP1</a></i> on
    <a href=""></a>, which explained the basic
    process of slipstreaming a Windows install CD, and <i>
    <a href="">
    slipstreaming BTS DriverPacks</a></i> on the
    <a href=""></a> documentation Wiki
    which explained how to add the BTS DriverPacks to the slipstreamed install CD.&nbsp;
    The problem I had was that none of the links explained everything I needed...
    they each dealt with parts.&nbsp; So, here is my token PSA post of the week that
    I hope is picked up my Google and MSN Search to help those poor souls out there
    like me and save you time in the future (what else did I have to do while I
    waited for the install to finish?)!</p>
    <p><font face="Arial">&#187; </font>
    <a href="">
    HOWTO: Create a Slipstreamed Bootable Windows XP Install CD Containing
    Additional Drivers for a Floppyless and F6-less Windows Install using BTS
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