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The Tampa Code Camp sure looked like it was a great success!  Sold out (as much as a free event can be sold out) @ 350 people!  I focused on hitting a bunch of SQL 2005 sessions, specifically a double-up on SSIS, since I skipped most of the TechEd SQL 2005 sessions.  SSIS is very cool stuff!  I also really enjoyed Ambrose Little’s BOF on “DataSets vs. Business Objects”.  Personally I side with the business object direction but it was nice to hear arguments on the other side.

My MCMS session went well.  It was suited to developers who weren’t familiar with MCMS.  I spent a quick 15 minutes on “what in the heck is MCMS”, 5 minutes on “I’m a developer, will I lose my job thanks to MCMS?”, 35 minutes on real code and coding practices (hey, it’s a CODE camp… gotta show code!), and another 5 minutes on futures talk (basically repeating everything Arpan Shah said at TechEd 2005 and I’ve mentioned previously here and here).  You can download my PPT presentation as well as the code samples in the ZIP linked below.  I plan to do the same talk at the Jacksonville Code Camp, hopefully able to speak more to what’s coming in the next version if it’s publically available by then.  I think I’ll even add a SharePoint talk to get people up to speed on that topic.

» Tampa Code Camp MCMS Presentation

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