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    <p>Just a friendly reminder to those of you in the Florida area that the <strong>Tampa Vista &amp; Office Launch Event is this Thursday, January 18th, 2007</strong> at the <a href="">Tampa Convention Center</a>. <a href="">I'll be co-presenting</a> with Microsoft's James Cuomo on <strong>Building Key Business Application son the Office 2007 Server Plaform</strong>.</p>
    <p>I also got word this week that I'll be talking about <a href="">MOSS 2007 Web Content Management at <strong>VSLive! San Francisco</strong> on the Microsoft SharePoint &amp; Office Day on March 27th, 2007</a>. This will be my first VSLive! and I'm eager to attend, as well as visit San Francisco... only my second trip to the bay city.</p>
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