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    <p><a href="">Yesterday</a> might have been one of my longer days.&nbsp; After partying all Saturday afternoon &amp; into the night at my wife&rsquo;s friends&rsquo;s wedding in Augusta, Maine, we were up at 6am EST (-0500) for the 2.5/3hr drive to Boston where our flights were departing from (along with another couple).&nbsp; My flight left at 3p (had to get there earlier for the other&rsquo;s flights)&hellip; my first of three flights (jumping from Boston-&gt;Baltimore-&gt;Cincinnati-&gt;Seattle).&nbsp; When all was said and done, I landed on time, with my bag (which I was reserved to not seeing until today), around 10:40p PST (which my body was saying &ldquo;hey, that&rsquo;s 1:30a EST&rdquo;).&nbsp; Finally got to my room and after unpacking, couldn&rsquo;t get to sleep until 2am local (yes, that&rsquo;s 5a EST).&nbsp; So, needless to say, I was a bit worn today.</p>
    <p>Finally got to meet <a href="">Angus Logan</a> in person for the first time, a co-author on my book &amp; fellow <a title="Microsoft Content Management Server" href="" target="_blank">MCMS</a> MVP. This was one of the key things I&rsquo;m looking forward to this week: putting faces with names/blogs&hellip; people like Julie Larson-Green (<a href="">see her recent O12 UI video on Channel9</a>), <a href="">Todd Bleeker</a> (Todd and I already knew each other, but it was nice meeting up again), <a href="">Rob Bogue</a>, <a href="">Lawrence Lui</a>, and a few others who I saw/met up with at a 2 day event for publishers/authors</p>
    <p>My <a href="">hotel</a> freaking rocks, very swank and even has a plasma LG HDTV&hellip; EXACTLY what I needed last night with my temporary bout of insomnia and inability to watch many NFL games on my travel day.</p>
    <p>No pictures for now, but I plan on posting a few later.</p>
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