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    <p>Recently we needed to implement search functionality into a content web site.&nbsp; This has always been a pain for me, but with <a title="" href="">SharePoint</a>, it was very simple.&nbsp; I had a hard time working with the full text TSQL query I needed to submit to the <a title="" href="">SharePoint</a> web service, but I finally got it working.&nbsp; To view the details, with code samples, follow the link below.</p>
    <p>&#187;&nbsp;<a href="">Read more: Using SharePoint search in an ASP.NET application with noise filtering</a> </p>
    <p>[<font color="#ff0000"><strong>July 26, 2004 update</strong></font>] Found a few links on a <a href="">recent post</a> by SharePoint blogger&nbsp;<a href="">Mark Harrison</a> that will help with this task:
    <blockquote style="MARGIN-TOP: 3px">&#187;&nbsp;<a href="">SPS2003 Object Models and Search</a>&#187;&nbsp;<a href="">MSSQLFT Syntax School</a> (unless you're on my project team, you wouldn't know how much I wanted this link at the time)</blockquote>
    <p>[<font color="#ff0000"><strong>July 27, 2004 update</strong></font>] When it rains it pours... <a href="">TechNet</a> article posted in late June 2004 that I just noticed. Good info:
    <blockquote style="MARGIN-TOP: 3px"><em>Portal site administrators can manage updates to the content index for the site directory, as well as the searches of sites crawled and included in that content index, by scoping indexing and searching to content source groups. These content source groups can be used in large organizations to manage the crawling and indexing of large site directories that may have thousands of sites. This paper describes the general process and some best practices for scoping and configuring the content index for the site directory.</em>&#187;&nbsp;<a href="">Scoping and Configuring the Content Index for the Site Directory in SharePoint Portal Server 2003</a></blockquote>
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