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    <p>I couldn&rsquo;t remember the name of what I saw in the Bill Gates keynote Tuesday morning&hellip; thankfully Chris Johnson did!</p>
    <blockquote>Demoed at PDC .... SuperFetch and USB memory sticks.
    <p>SuperFetch is a new technology in Windows Vista that makes loading programs faster.&nbsp; It basically works out ahead of time what DLLs etc... are loaded ... and pre-fetchs them.&nbsp; At least that is how i understand it :)</p>
    <p>Now ... SuperFetch means that you need somewhere to stick that pre-fetched cache of DLLs etc... SO ... you could do this with main memory.&nbsp; HOWEVER ... in Vista if you plug in a USB stick ... Vista will be able to utilise this memory for the SuperFetch cache!!!&nbsp; </p>Now that is cool!&nbsp; Who says we dont innovate!</blockquote>
    <p>&raquo; <a href="http://">Who says we dont innovate! (SuperFetch &amp; USB) </a></p>
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