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    <p>Have you installed the MOSS 2007 beta yet? If so, taken any time to understand what Features are? </p>
    <p>If not, check out Ted Pattison's "<em><a href="">What Are Features?</a></em>" post... his first sentence nails it: "<em>Features are awesome.</em>" I've got a few more links on features on my WCM linkfest: <a href=""></a></p>
    <p>Let's say you've poked under the hood to see all the Features you get when you install MOSS. Where will you find them? In the 12 hive of course: <font face="Courier New" color="#ff0000">C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATES\FEATURES</font>. </p>
    <p>One thing to note is that Features aren't a MOSS-only thing... they are an inherit addition to the foundation of SharePoint: WSS. I'm guessing most people out there have installed the MOSS 2007 beta bits and not played with the WSS v3 beta bits without MOSS. So, if you've installed MOSS 2007, how do you know which Features are included with the free part of SharePoint (WSS) and which ones are added by MOSS (see Figure 1 below)? Some are easy to spot as MOSS only Features.. for example, the ExcelServer* Features are obviously part of Excel Services, a component to MOSS... the MySite* Features deal with My Sites, another MOSS-only thing... OSearch* Features are for the advanced search functionality in MOSS... and finally the Publishing* Features deal with Publishing Sites (aka: Web Content Management). But what about all the others?</p>
    <p style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"><a title="Photo Sharing" target="_blank" href=""><img height="449" alt="MossFeatures" width="500" border="0" src=""></a>
    <em>Figure 1 (click for larger image)</em></p>
    <p>Instead of having to always compare my MOSS Beta 2 Technical Refresh virtual machine &amp; my WSS v3 Beta 2 Technical Refresh virtual machine, I decided to document them for my own reference and share them here, on my blog, for anyone else to use as a reference.</p>
    <h2>Windows SharePoint Services v3 Features:</h2>
    <em>33 Features in WSS v3</em>
    <tr valign="top">
    <li>AdminLinks </li>
    <li>AnnouncementsList </li>
    <li>BasicWebParts </li>
    <li>ContactsList </li>
    <li>ContentLightup </li>
    <li>ContentTypeSettings </li>
    <li>ctypes </li>
    <li>CustomList </li>
    <li>DataSourceLibrary </li>
    <li>DiscussionsList </li>
    <li>DocumentLibrary </li>
    <li>EventsList </li>
    <li>fields </li>
    <li>GanttTasksList </li>
    <li>GridList </li>
    <li>IssuesList </li>
    <li>IssueTrackingWorkflow </li>
    <li>LinksList </li>
    <li>MobilityRedirect </li>
    <li>NoCodeWorkflowLibrary </li>
    <li>PictureLibrary </li>
    <li>SiteSettings </li>
    <li>SPSearchFeature </li>
    <li>SurveysList </li>
    <li>TasksList </li>
    <li>TeamCollab </li>
    <li>UpgradeLinks </li>
    <li>WebPageLibrary </li>
    <li>WikiWelcome </li>
    <li>WorkflowHistoryList </li>
    <li>WorkflowProcessList </li>
    <li>XmlFormLibrary </li>
    <h2>Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007 Features:</h2>
    <em>107 Features Added in MOSS 2007*</em>
    <tr valign="top">
    <li>AddDashboard </li>
    <li>Analytics </li>
    <li>AnalyticsLinks </li>
    <li>BaseSite </li>
    <li>BaseSiteStapling </li>
    <li>BaseWeb </li>
    <li>BaseWebApplication </li>
    <li>BDCAdminUILinks </li>
    <li>BDR </li>
    <li>BizAppsCTypes </li>
    <li>BizAppsFields </li>
    <li>BizAppsListTemplates </li>
    <li>BizAppsSiteTemplates </li>
    <li>BulkWorkflow </li>
    <li>BulkWorkflowTimerJob </li>
    <li>DataConnectionLibrary </li>
    <li>DataConnectionLibraryStapling </li>
    <li>DeploymentLinks </li>
    <li>DMContentTypeSettings </li>
    <li>EawfSite </li>
    <li>EawfWeb </li>
    <li>EnhancedHtmlEditing </li>
    <li>ExcelServer </li>
    <li>ExcelServerSite </li>
    <li>ExcelServerWebApplication </li>
    <li>ExpirationWorkflow </li>
    <li>FeaturePushdown </li>
    <li>GlobalWebParts </li>
    <li>GradualUpgrade </li>
    <li>Hold </li>
    <li>ipfsAdminLinks </li>
    <li>IPFSAdminWeb </li>
    <li>IPFSDocumentConversion </li>
    <li>IPFSSiteFeatures </li>
    <li>IPFSWebFeatures </li>
    <li>LegacyDocumentLibrary </li>
    <li>ListTargeting </li>
    <li>LocalSiteDirectoryControl </li>
    <li>LocalSiteDirectoryMetaData </li>
    <li>LocalSiteDirectorySettingsLink </li>
    <li>MasterSiteDirectoryControl </li>
    <li>MigrationLinks </li>
    <li>MySite </li>
    <li>MySiteBlog </li>
    <li>MySiteCleanup </li>
    <li>MySiteHost </li>
    <li>MySiteLayouts </li>
    <li>MySiteNavigation </li>
    <li>MySiteQuickLaunch </li>
    <li>Navigation </li>
    <li>NavigationProperties </li>
    <li>OffWFCommon </li>
    <li>OSearchBasicFeature </li>
    <li>OSearchCentralAdminLinks </li>
    <li>OSearchEnhancedFeature </li>
    <li>OSearchPortalAdminLinks </li>
    <li>OSearchSRPAdminLinks </li>
    <li>OsrvLinks </li>
    <li>OsrvTasks </li>
    <li>OssNavigation </li>
    <li>OSSSearchSearchCenterUrlFeature </li>
    <li>OSSSearchSearchCenterUrlSiteFeature </li>
    <li>PageConverters </li>
    <li>PortalLayouts </li>
    <li>PremiumRootSite </li>
    <li>PremiumRootSiteStapling </li>
    <li>PremiumSite </li>
    <li>PremiumSiteStapling </li>
    <li>PremiumWeb </li>
    <li>PremiumWebApplication </li>
    <li>ProfileSynch </li>
    <li>Publishing </li>
    <li>PublishingLayouts </li>
    <li>PublishingPrerequisites </li>
    <li>PublishingResources </li>
    <li>PublishingSite </li>
    <li>PublishingStapling </li>
    <li>PublishingWeb </li>
    <li>RecordsManagement </li>
    <li>RedirectPageContentTypeBinding </li>
    <li>RelatedLinksScopeSettingsLink </li>
    <li>ReportCenterCreation </li>
    <li>ReportCenterSampleData </li>
    <li>Reporting </li>
    <li>ReportListTemplate </li>
    <li>ReviewWorkflows </li>
    <li>SearchAndProcess </li>
    <li>SearchWebParts </li>
    <li>SharedServices </li>
    <li>SignaturesWorkflow </li>
    <li>SitesList </li>
    <li>SkuUpgradeLinks </li>
    <li>SlideLibrary </li>
    <li>SlideLibraryActivation </li>
    <li>SpellChecking </li>
    <li>SPSDisco </li>
    <li>SpsSsoLinks </li>
    <li>SRPProfileAdmin </li>
    <li>StapledWorkflows </li>
    <li>TranslationWorkflow </li>
    <li>TransMgmtFunc </li>
    <li>TransMgmtLib </li>
    <li>UpgradeOnlyFile </li>
    <li>UserMigrator </li>
    <li>ViewFormPagesLockDown </li>
    <li>WebPartAdderGroups </li>
    <p><em>* Two additional features are installed when you upgrade from MOSS 2007 Beta 2 to MOSS Beta 2 Technical Refresh: <strong>PublishingB2TRHop2SiteFilesUpgrade</strong> &amp; <strong>PublishingB2TRSiteFilesUpgrade</strong>. These two Features, as their names imply, are used to upgrade some of the publishing files from Beta 2 to Beta 2 Technical Refresh. This also explains why you may have experienced some problems with your existing Publishing sites created in Beta 2 after upgrading to Beta 2 Technical Refresh, </em><a href=""><em>as outlined in this post</em></a><em>. Because they are upgrade Features, and not likely to be present in the RTM release of MOSS 2007, I am not including them in the count.</em></p>
    <p>If you're in the Jacksonville, FL area, SharePoint Features will be the topic for our next <a href="">JacksonvilleOfficeGeeks</a> meeting next Thursday, October 26th. More info on the talk here: <font face="Arial"><a href=""></a></font></p>
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